For music manager Richie Lanz (portrayed by Bill Murray), only one location comes to mind when it’s time to introduce your star act, aka Zooey Deschanel, to the world: Afghanistan. Sure, it may not be Hollywood, but it sets the hilarious tone for Rock the Kasbah, a road trip–like flick that chronicles the rock-and-roll adventures of Lanz and his motley crew.

In a new trailer for the film, Murray’s has-been character hilariously takes Deschanel on a whirlwind journey overseas where she’s scheduled to not only perform in front of 2,000 soldiers, but also compete in the country’s hit TV show, Afghan Star.

Naturally, she ditches him (“She stole my money, my wallet, my passport. I’m royally screwed!” Murray says in the trailer), leaving the man to adventure through the country’s rough terrain in search of his next musical sensation. The film is sprinkled by action-packed appearances by Bruce Willis and Kate Hudson—who appears to channel a now-famous version of the character she portrayed in Almost Famous. Watch the full trailer above and take note—Rock the Kasbah hits theaters Oct. 23.