By Olivia Bahou
Mar 23, 2016 @ 12:45 pm

Zendaya Coleman has been lauded as a terrific role model, and when she visited The Ellen DeGeneres Show, she proved exactly why. Despite nearing the end of her teenage years, the latest face of CoverGirl told DeGeneres that she is committed to her role on the Disney Channel's K.C. Undercover.

“I still have a responsibility, as this young person that I am, to create positive programming for these young people. I have little kids that look up to me and I think of that as a responsibility,” she said. “And I know there are so many parents that come up to me and just hearing them say thank you for being that for my daughter or for my son and being that inspiration for them, that is everything to me. I take that very, very seriously.”

The popular 19-year-old actress, who confirmed her role in the next Spider-Man movie, proved that she’s not above doing the legwork. “When it comes to the acting space, I'm basically unknown. I've never been in a real movie before and I had to start from the bottom like anyone else and audition, audition, audition and break down those walls because a lot of people do have that preconceived notion of who I am based off previous things I've done.”

Despite landing a major role, the star doesn’t plan on leaving home anytime soon. “For me, there are a lot more upsides than there are downsides,” she told DeGeneres. One of those upsides? Having a human alarm clock. “I don’t have to wake myself up,” she said. “My mom calls me. She’s up spinning anyway, so she calls me after her spin class, like, ‘Yo, get up.’ It’s great. We have a system.”

Watch the full interview above for even more real talk from the inspiring young star.