Zac Efron and his smoldering good looks are coming to a theater near you this summer. 

In his new film, We Are Your Friends, Efron stars as an aspiring DJ who’s looking to make it big quick. With the help of his party promoter friends, they pound the pavement to get gigs, but soon find out that while you might have a laptop and headphones, becoming successful isn’t as easy as you think. 

Efron’s luck begins to change when he meets Emily Ratajkowski’s character, but his potential success comes at a price with his friends. Thankfully between all the drama there are plenty of scenes where he'll be showing off his eye-catching abs. "There are maybe three times he's shirtless," the film's director Max Joseph told E! Online. "He's shirtless and you get a good dose of it." Now that's music to our ears.

 Watch the trailer above to get a sneak peek for yourself, and catch it in theaters August 28.