When you ask Keke Palmer to bust out a note, she doesn’t hesitate.

Fresh on the heels of releasing her latest single, “Enemiez,” the singer and actress recently stopped by InStyle’s New York City offices to discuss the rest of her upcoming album that's slated to drop later this year. So what can fans expect? According to the 22-year-old Scream Queens and Grease: Live star, her new music is “all about the kids.”

“It’s all about us coming into our own and finding our sexuality,” she said. It’s not hard for Palmer to relate to any of her peers and young fans that may be struggling to find their own sense of confidence. Despite her bold personality and strong stage presence today, Palmer found it challenging to become fully comfortable with herself in the public eye when she was younger—even when she was performing her own music, at times. But luckily, those days are behind her. “I feel at home now,” she said. “I feel relaxed.”

Watch the video above to hear Palmer discuss her new music and evolution as a performer. Plus, check out the impromptu mini-concert she put on when we asked about her favorite karaoke song. Hint: It’s in another language, and it’s guaranteed to surprise you.