By Meredith Lepore
Feb 19, 2016 @ 9:30 am

Though Kerry Washington had some very grand plans for her birthday, she didn't end up setting them up because, you know, she's a little busy being the star of a hit television series. But her last minute birthday option ended up being quite the treat. The Scandal actress told Jimmy Kimmel on his show on Thursday that she and her husband did a date night at Disneyland for her birthday.

When he asked if she brought her young daughter, Isabelle, Washington shook her head smiling. "Disneyland is great for grownups," she said. "It's the best." "It's not date night if you bring the kid," Kimmel said. He added that the weird thing about living in L.A. is that you can just go to Disneyland at a moment's notice. "I was driving around and I was like 'We could go to Disneyland right now!'" "And did you?" she asked. "No," he said to big laughs from Washington.

As for her favorite rides, Washington likes the scary ones like Space Mountain, but she would not take Kimmel along because he admitted he was a vomiter. Well, we know who won't be going on a double Disneyland date anytime soon!

Watch Washington talk about her birthday date in the video above.