You probably wouldn't associate Captain Underpants with renowned and accomplished actress Cate Blanchett, but after watching her on Monday night's Jimmy Kimmel Live! you'll do so forevermore.

During her visit, the Oscar winner explained the inspiration behind her three sons' names—Dashiell, Roman, and Ignatius—to the host. "Dashiell, I guess came from Dashiell Hammett​ [the author] and Roman was, I don't know, Polanski but it's also the French word for book." And Ignatius? The Carol star said being 8 months pregnant and hallucinating contributed to this decision. She explained that the name Ignatius comes up in one of the Captain Underpants children books and, "it was like the Virgin Mary going, 'Boom! I must call him Jesus.'"

"You run out of names by the time you get to No. 3," said the actress, who also has a daughter named Edith with her playwright husband Andrew Upton. Watch Blanchett's full funny explanation in the video above.