By Jennifer Merritt
Dec 11, 2014 @ 5:00 pm

Just this week, InStyle had its annual company-wide holiday party. Next week, we have our cookie exchange. Not to mention all of the holiday parties we'll be attending in the coming weeks that are being hosted by family and friends—it's enough to make even the most diehard gym rat put on five pounds! So how can we enjoy ourselves this holiday season without all the guilt (and having to buy new pants)? advice columnist Katherine Schwarzenegger has a few ideas. For starters, she sagely suggests keeping in mind that "this is just the beginning of the many holiday parties you'll be going to, so make sure that you know that this is not the only place that you'll be surrounded by tons of different sweets and the beautiful treats." (Wish we would have heard this advice on Tuesday!)

For more tips from Kat, plus the best trick she learned from her mom, Maria Shriver, and her own holiday weakness, watch the video above. And if you've got a question for Kat, submit it on InStyle‘s Facebook page, or on Twitter by tagging @KSchwarzenegger and @InStyle using the hashtag #AskKat!