When we first kicked off #AskKat,'s advice column with Katherine Schwarzenegger, where the best-selling author and blogger answers your questions, one of the first things people wanted to know was how she manages to get her hair to always look so good. (Well, that, and how to get her eyebrows, but more on that later...)

After years of trying to master the perfect beachy wave, Schwarzenegger says she's found the right formula, and shares it with you in the video above. "It's very easy, very simple and straightforward once you get the hang of it," she says. Best of all? Her technique only requires three products: a heat protector, the Sultra Styling Iron (various sizes and prices; and R+Co Outer Space Flexible Hairspray ($29;

Learn just how Schwarzenegger styles her hair each day (and get a peek at what her natural hair looks like!) by watching the video, and head over to InStyle's Facebook page to ask Kat your own question, or submit it on Twitter to @InStyle and @KScwarzenegger using the hashtag #AskKat!