By Alexis Bennett
Jun 01, 2015 @ 2:00 pm

Forget what you thought you knew about contouring and highlighting. This YouTuber has mastered the art of using makeup to completely change her appearance—and has gained over 7 million views by simply taking half it off. Called, "How to Remove Your Face," the video's results are unbelievable.

In the clip the young woman starts with a full coverage of makeup featuring an exaggerated winged smokey eye. After shaking the bottle of remover up and soaking a cotton swab, the transformation begins. She holds the pad against her eye for a few seconds, and after the first swipe the metamorphosis is almost instant. Immediately you'll notice how her technique of combining lashes and eyeshadow at the right angles had drastically reshaped the features of her face.

Click play above to watch the entire clip.