Newlywed Benedict Cumberbatch honeymooned with funny man Jimmy Kimmel rather than his bride Sophie Hunter. Well, sort of. The Oscar-nominated star of The Imitation Game visited Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday, just two days after getting married in England. Kimmel was so impressed that Cumberbatch still appeared on the show given his new marital status, that with the help of an island backdrop and leftover items on the gift registry, threw the actor an impromptu honeymoon. The actor lifted his piña colada to Kimmel and toasted, "Here's to our honeymoon!"

The talk show host also celebrated the fact that the actor and his wife have "a little cumberbun in the oven." (Cumberbatch and Hunter are expecting their first child.) When asked if their baby will take on the star's famous last name, Cumberbatch said, "Poor child, I think it'll have to." Kimmel even had a suggestion for what the couple could name their new addition: "Q. Cumberbatch." But the actor, understandably, didn't drink to that one, joking, "Too soon."

Watch Benedict Cumberbatch and Jimmy Kimmel celebrate his honeymoon on Jimmy Kimmel Live! by clicking on the video above.