Elle Fanning is enjoying the perks of her senior year. She returned to high school last week, and already things are different for the Maleficent actress. “We get the senior patio, which is a huge deal because if you’re not a senior you’re not allowed to be on it as an underclassman,” she told Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show Tuesday. “So now we can kick off all the freshmen and all the juniors! ‘Get off of here, you’re too young!’”

We can hardly imagine Elle as being that much of a bully, but she is looking forward to her Senior Prank Day—apparently she has a lot to live up to: “My sister [Dakota Fanning] put Vaseline on all the doors and zip-tied all the lockers shut and stole all the scissors so no one could get into their lockers!”

“We have to think of something crazy because we have to be the best,” she said. But at the very least Elle can stop thinking about her senior portrait, which she took during summer vacation. “You can pick them out, which is good because I don’t know if I trust the people at the senior photo place to pick out my photo for me,” she said. Fair enough—she’s used to photographers like Mario Sorrenti and Bruce Weber! Click the video above to watch her and Fallon reenact silly yearbook poses.