By Joshua Lyon
Updated: May 04, 2016 @ 9:24 am

Much is being made of the fact that Bryce Dallas Howard spends a lot of her time in Jurassic World running away from dinosaurs in high heels. And when her co-star Chris Pratt joined her on The Late Late Show Wednesday, he praised her achievement. "She did a phenomenal job," he told host James Corden. "And it wasn't just on hard surfaces. This is through the jungles in Hawaii, through mud, and she was just like a total trooper. Never once rolled an ankle or popped a knee or anything and it was very, very impressive."

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Lucky for us Corden challenged the actor to try and measure up to Howard's prowess. Pratt gamely slipped on a pair of extra-large red pumps and pranced his merry way across the sound stage. Click the video above to watch Pratt basically prove that he's been practicing.

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