By Joshua Lyon
Sep 04, 2015 @ 9:30 am

Long before Andrew Garfield started slinging webs as Spider-Man, he was slinging coffee at England’s first Starbucks! “I had this kind of idealized image of what that would be,” the 99 Homes actor said Thursday on Jimmy Kimmel Live! “It arrived in London and I thought, ‘Well, that’s the John Hughes movie I’ve been waiting to live within.’ With multiple girls reading literature with black-rimmed glasses and I’m going to be the barista that woos them all and wins them all. They realize after a period of months that in fact the skinny guy is the guy to go with!”

“Did that work out for you?” Kimmel asked.

“No it did not. It’s Starbucks,” Garfield deadpanned. He told Kimmel that unlike most American Starbucks employees, spelling names on the cups was never an issue for him, and that after a while he was transferred to an outpost located inside of a shopping center. “No one was buying coffee because English people were like, ‘What’s coffee?’ It was the early 2000s.” Click the video above to hear the whole story!