By Joshua Lyon
Apr 24, 2015 @ 9:00 am

Oh, the memories. “We have not seen each other for fourteen years,” Seth Meyers said to Seann William Scott when he appeared on Late Night yesterday. “You hosted SNL. You were in one of the great SNL sketches of all time!”

The Saturday Night Live bit in question was set in an office where everyone had been asked to wear something patriotic to work. “Will Ferrell, of course, wore super short shorts and a half shirt,” Meyers recalled.

“But there’s more to it,” Scott said. “In the dress rehearsal Will comes out in that outfit, which is already funny, but the inside of his legs, because he was training for a marathon, it was all chaffed! It looked like a raw steak!”

Things got worse, though. “When we did the live show … I got a little view of Will’s penis and testicles playing ‘peekaboo how-do-you-do!’ You saw that, right?”

“I was on a different side of the desk,” Meyers said, with more than a little relief in his voice.

“Now, the funny thing is I’ll wake up in a cold sweat and I’ll have like, Will Ferrell nut-sack flashbacks," Scott confessed. "You don’t have those?”

“I don’t,” Meyers replied. “But you know what? I think we all are now.” Watch the video (if you dare!) above.