If you’re not happy with the current quality of your hair and nails because your mane is thinning or even breaking off, and your nails are bending and breaking, you can find the solution to these pesky beauty woes in what you eat. Nutritionist Barbara Mendez reveals which foods you can add to your diet to boost your hair’s health for your shiniest locks yet, strengthen your nails, and tackling "the nutritional deficiency happening inside that needs to be addressed,” all on camera.

Instead of relying on biotin supplements, which are commonly recommended to boost hair and nail health, try eating more naturally biotin-rich foods like oats, eggs, and carrots. Another important nutrient is zinc, which our body “easily depletes and shows up through brittle hair.” Pumpkin seeds and dark chocolate are just a few foods that can keep zinc levels on track. To nourish hair and keep it hydrated, omega-3 fatty acids like salmon and flax are your best friends. The powerful antioxidant carotenoids found in sweet potato and kale helps hair and nails grow strong.

Two other important nutrients that need to be in your diet are calcium found in leafy greens and protein from foods like nuts and seeds. The best ways to ensure you’re getting enough of these nutrient-filled foods? Cook up a delicious meal that allows you to eat them together!

Watch the video above for the complete list of vitamin-rich foods you can incorporate into your regular diet that will help improve your hair and nail’s health and growth.