By Alexis Bennett
Dec 14, 2015 @ 8:00 pm

Chris Hemsworth proved that he has a very hilarious side during his recent segment on Saturday Night Live. Not only did the handsome actor poke fun at his equally as handsome young brother, Liam Hemsworth, but he also dressed up in drag for a laugh-out-loud skit.

Hemsworth really got into character and sported a honey blonde wig and body-hugging dress equipped with kitten heels. His character, Claire, also gushed with her girlfriends about the hottest men on the big screen including the Thor actor himself. "What about Chris Hemsworth in Thor," he asked before joking, "I'd rather see him out of the armor. Right, b-tches?"

When Claire's friends start to compare him to his youngest brother, the actor chimes in, "Liam is gross. I heard he breastfed until he was four."

Find out how the hilarious skit unfolds by pressing play at the top.