By Aly Semigran
Mar 05, 2015 @ 8:28 am

Not that we ever had any doubts before, but Zoë Kravitz just solidified her spot as someone we'd definitely want to party with, as evidenced by her Giant Beer Pong skills, which she showed off during her visit to The Tonight Show on Wednesday. The Insurgent star played against Jimmy Fallon in an exciting match—the rules are exactly the same as the drinking game, just with bigger red cups and ping pong balls—which went down to a double tiebreaker.

Kravitz, who looked effortlessly cool and chic in a short jumpsuit, drew first blood by getting the initial point in the game, forcing Fallon to take a drink. The host eventually caught up with the actress, who insisted that the game is "harder than it looks," and it came down to a tie, which resulted in not one, but two rounds of a tiebreaker. Not even Fallon's fake sneezing could distract the beautiful and stylish star, as she eventually bested him at Giant Beer Pong.

Watch Zoë Kravitz beat Jimmy Fallon in a game of Tonight Show Giant Beer Pong by clicking on the video above.