By Joshua Lyon
Aug 18, 2015 @ 7:45 am

In Zac Efron’s new movie We Are Your Friends, he plays a DJ who takes a chance on his dreams, but on Monday, the actor gambled with a different set of skills—being able to differentiate raw eggs from ones that had been hard boiled.

Yes, it’s time for another round of Egg Russian Roulette, the Tonight Show game in which Jimmy Fallon convinces a guest to select from a dozen eggs—eight hard boiled, four raw—and take turns smashing them against their heads.

Each chose wisely for the first round, but when it came back around to Efron he knew he’d made a mistake the second he picked up his egg. “Oh no, this one’s wet,” he said. “I already know it’s wet. I can just tell.”

He was right, and Fallon generously offered to pick up the dry-cleaning bill as yolk dripped down the shoulders of the star's suit. They were each safe for one more round until it came back around to Fallon. “I feel great about this one,” he said as he made his choice, but a look of regret quickly swept across his face as he shook it. “Something’s going on,” he said, before screaming unintelligibly and smashing the raw egg across his forehead.

Fallon went on to lose the game on his next turn, but we’d like to send this message out to Efron—we’re on to your trickster ways. When announcer Steve Higgins read the rules at the beginning of the game, he clearly stated “no take backs,” yet Efron sneakily put back his first choice when Fallon wasn’t looking, thus saving himself from defeat. When Fallon lost, the actor told him, “You have egg on your face, literally and figuratively,” but we think it might be the other way around. Click the video above to see the evidence!