By Jonathan Borge
Dec 01, 2015 @ 2:30 pm

They say that children are the future, and if the spirit of today’s youth serves as an indicator of what’s to come, then we’re definitely expecting bright days ahead. On Tuesday morning, construction toy and game company GoldieBlox released a hilariously charming video dubbed “Fast-Forward Girls 2015” starring wide-eyed girls that each pay homage to some of the boldest, bravest celebrity female leaders of this year.

In the video, which is guaranteed to put a pep in your step, a group of girls come to life as the years-younger doppelgangers of women like Hillary Clinton (for her presidential run), Viola Davis (for her Emmy win), Amy Schumer (for her body-positive messages), and Jen Welter (for her role as the NFL’s first female coach), who have all accomplish something worth looking up to this past year. Set to the track of Fifth Harmony’s “Worth It,” the burgeoning talents confidently act like global world leaders and even pause for a too-cute Beyonce and Nicki Minaj homage. Better yet, it also features bonafide Internet stars like Sophia Grace, who’s known for her love and adoration of Minaj herself. “There is nothing we cannot accomplish as girls,” she quips in the video.

So what’s the purpose of the project? In addition to simply supporting female empowerment, every dollar spent on today, #GivingTuesday, will be matched with a donation to Baby2Baby, an organization that provides fundamental needs to impoverished children.

Watch the full video above—and share the message using the #ShesWorthIt hashtag.