By Joshua Lyon
Sep 17, 2015 @ 9:00 am

It’s well known in Hollywood circles that Tobey Maguire is quite the poker player. And when the Pawn Sacrifice actor appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Wednesday, he proved why on several fronts. Exhibit A: When Kimmel asked Maguire if he reported all of his winnings on his taxes, the star looked directly into the camera and said, with a straight-up poker face, “Yes, I filed all my tax returns. I’ve paid all my taxes, I swear.”

Exhibit B: Kimmel tried to get Maguire to spill what the largest pot he ever played for was, but the actor never showed his hand. “I’ll just write it down and slide it across the table,” he said.

The final piece of evidence was revealed in an actual betting scenario. “What about a real man’s game, like Connect Four?” Kimmel asked. “Would you like to take me on?” They set the win at $100 and had at it. Click the video above to watch Kimmel not even realize it when he loses!