By Meredith Lepore
Dec 15, 2015 @ 10:00 am

Tina Fey has many talents, but doing impressions may not be one of them. And yet, Jimmy Fallon made her play a game called "First Impressions" on The Tonight Show on Monday in which she had to do a bunch and try to get him to guess them correctly. “It’s tricky because I stink at impressions and you’re very good at impressions,” she said after not doing the best Robert De Niro one. "Why did we write this game up? This is not fun at all,” Fallon told Fey.

It kicked off with Fey trying to do Jack Nicholson. Fallon thought it was either Matthew McConaughey or Nicholson—not too bad, Tina! Fey was immediately able to guess Fallon's impression of Barbara Walters adding, "You've done Barbara Walters a million times." 

For the next round, Fey then attempted to do her best Sofia Vergara, which Fallon did manage to guess when he wasn't busy laughing. But when she did her impression of Elmo, she really nailed it. 

Fallon's final impression was of Morgan Freeman, but Fey said it was either "Sling Blade or Morgan Freeman." Close enough. Watch Fey and Fallon do more impression in the clip above. 

Fey will host Saturday Night Live with her Sisters co-star Amy Poehler on Saturday, Dec. 19 on NBC.