By Alexis Bennett
Nov 25, 2015 @ 9:00 am

La Mer and Kelly Wearstler have teamed up to create a bespoke vanity box that's perfect for giving (and receiving). The limited edition cases celebrate La Mer's new Genaissance de la Mer collection, and each echoes the rich gold tones of the luxurious serum.

In the footage at the top, Wearstler takes us into her beautiful Los Angeles studio to show the detailed journey and process. You'll see glimpses of Wearstler sketching the designs as well as detailed scenes of how each signature crystal is hand picked and hand crafted.

"Crystals are such an inspiration and an authentic part of my esthetic that it just seemed like a natural collaboration," explains Wearstler. "Sometimes it can take up to a year to find the right stone combination that tells the most beautiful story." It's definitely clear to see that so much attention to detail has been put into the creation of each modern yet soulful box. Press play at the top to see more and shop the Kelly Wearstler for La Mer Vanity Box ($1200,