By Meredith Lepore
Apr 01, 2016 @ 8:45 am

To celebrate the impending March Madness finale, Taylor Lautner and Jimmy Fallon faced off in a game of Random Object Shootout Thursday on The Tonight Show—and things got downright silly.

The players had to take turns tossing items ranging from a ukulele filled with Fruity Pebbles and a Lincoln Log cabin to a "werewolf on a burrito" and a boombox into a basketball hoop and whoever makes the most baskets is the winner. Lautner started things off by throwing a clear bowl of tiny basketballs into the hoop. While his attempt did not go so well, Fallon did make the shot.

When Lautner couldn't sink the Fruity Pebbles ukulele and Fallon made his basket once again, it looked as though the host was going to dominate. However, the Twilight star managed to get a rain boot full of rain into the basket while Fallon missed and then Lautner scored again with the Lincoln Log cabin. Things were getting intense at 2-2. "This is an awesome game! This is the closest game ever!" Fallon said.

When no one managed to sink the werewolf on the burrito, it was time to throw the boomboxes. Lautner's device started played "Wannabe" by the Spice Girls—so naturally he and Fallon had to take a little dance break and get down before making their final basket attempts.

Click on the video above to watch the duo's dance session and find out who won the game!