By Joshua Lyon
Aug 10, 2015 @ 9:00 am

True Detective star Taylor Kitsch proved to be a true sportsman on The Tonight Show Friday, when he faced off against Jimmy Fallon in a round of Beer Hockey.

The game consists of a tricked out air hockey table with seven goals on each side instead of the usual one, and each receptacle sends the puck directly into a red solo cup of beer. “If the puck lands in your cup, you have to chug the beer,” Fallon explained. “The first one of three wins.”

Kitsch started off a little too enthusiastically—his puck went flying off the table! “You know who would be really bummed out about that? Buddy,” Fallon said, referring to Friday Night Lights uber Panthers fan Buddy Garrity. His distracting commentary cost him though, as Kitsch immediately sunk the next puck.

After Fallon chugged his beer Kitsch asked him if he was drunk. “Yes,” Fallon slurred, as the band began to play what can only be described as drunk-cartoon-person music. Kitsch instantly scored again on the second turn, and once more for the win on the third, despite the host sneaking his puck all the way up to the center for a better chance. Click the video above to watch the game.