Most Tonight Show guests are down to play whatever random game Jimmy Fallon finds amusing, but not Sofia Vergara.

When the host suggested that they team up for a round of Catchphrase against James Marsden and announcer Steve Higgins, the Modern Family actress complained, “You always make me do these weird American games that I don’t know how to play.” And from there, things went south.

During the first round Marsden quickly got Higgins to guess “selfie stick,” and Vergara correctly guessed “una mariquita” when Fallon described a ladybug before remembering the English word for the cute little insect. The buzzer sounded after Marsden failed to remember the title of Psy’s earworm “Gangnam Style.”

Things heated up in the second round as Vergara pulled “birthday suit” and Fallon utterly failed to get it. “My outfit for sleeping,” Vergara said suggestively. Fallon’s totally clueless response? “Flannel pajamas.”

“Look at me,” she chastised. “Better than that! Less than that!”

Click the video above to watch the game go hilariously off the rails.