What do you get when you put Natalie Portman, Sia, The Roots, and Jimmy Fallon together in one room—plus classroom instruments? Something amazing. When the Academy Award winning-actress and current star of Jane Got a Gun appeared on The Tonight Show on Wednesday, the host decided to take his usual musical performance up a notch.

Usually, he has the musical guest sing with him and The Roots in a small room into a web cam, while accompanying the singer using only children's instruments like kazoos and alphabet blocks. This time he had not only Portman, but music superstar Sia, sing The Dixie Cups hit "Iko Iko" in a white room while all dressed in black and white, and monochrome Sia wigs. And, of course, Fallon and The Roots were all in the crazy get-ups too. It was a showstopper.

Sia led the sing-along, while wearing a giant white bow and her trademark wig covering her eyes, while Fallon played the spoons and Portman used the blocks.

The video already has more than 83,000 views. It is well on its way to being a viral sensation!

Watch Sia, Portman, Fallon and The Roots perform "Iko, Iko" in the video above.