By Meredith Lepore
Mar 15, 2016 @ 7:45 am

Drawing apparently is not Shailene Woodley's strongest suit, which the Divergent actress revealed during a few rounds of Pictionary on The Tonight Show Monday night. However, her fellow guests Catherine O'Hara and Eugene Levy were not much better!

InStyle's March cover girl Woodley kicked off the game with "Mona Lisa." And while she sketched a cute drawing of a girl inside a picture frame, it wasn't quite enough for her teammate, O'Hara, to reach the correct answer. Next up to guess was Levy, who—much to Fallon's frustration—could not figure out "cat got your tongue" despite getting to "cat tongue."

"Are you kidding me? Cat tongue?! The only phrase with the words 'cat tongue' in it! This is a complete nightmare!" Fallon shouted, and even threw a pillow. "Another 10 minutes I would have gotten it," Levy said.

O'Hara then had the daunting task of drawing "Darth Vader." Woodley did understand that O'Hara had drawn a star and a figure, but her ultimate guess of "star man" wasn't quite right. The other team's members seem to hit their strides when Fallon guessed "Apple Watch" and then in the final round in which Levy got "talk to the hand." Still, it's a good thing the guests can fall back on their hit film and TV careers!

Watch Woodley play charades with Fallon, O'Hara, and Levy in the clip above.