By Joshua Lyon
May 01, 2015 @ 8:15 am

The contents of Jimmy Fallon’s "Box of Lies" keep getting stranger. The now-classic Tonight Show game—in which the host and his guest take turns trying to make the other guess bizarre items found in mystery containers—started out innocently enough when Scarlett Johansson pulled an action figure of herself as Black Widow from The Avengers holding hands with Gumby on a park bench. When she lied and told Fallon that it was “a hot dog bun shaped like The Hulk,” he wasn’t having it: “How is that even possible? You’d have to get a Hulk mold, and bake ... I’m gonna say: You lie.”

Things got a little Silence of the Lambs-meets-Studio 54 during Fallon’s turn, when he whipped out a mannequin head wearing swim goggles stuffed with fake diamonds. He described it truthfully, adding, “It’s usable because it’s fun!”

“Did Wiz Khalifa make it?” Johansson deadpanned (a reference to the musical guest for her SNL hosting gig this weekend). Fallon then popped the mannequin's head up through the divider between them, startling her. “That is terrifying!” she said.

Johansson’s final item was equally unsettling—click the video above to find out what it was and who won the game.