By Hayley Spencer
Mar 12, 2015 @ 10:01 am

Buffy's got beef in the latest addition to comedian-actress Whitney Avalon's "Princess Rap Battle" YouTube series. Sarah Michelle Gellar transforms into Cinderella to take on Avalon as Belle in the hilarious three-minute rhyme-off. Expect no airs and graces, as the pair dish out lyrics that sound like they've been borrowed from Ella's wicked stepmom.

Cinderella kicks things off showing Belle who's boss, with rhymes including: "Let's look at your mentality / Freud loves your abnormality / The Stockholm Syndrome Story / Beauty and the Bestiality / Of course you're bitter / I'm the No. 1 star / Pumpkin carriage, perfect marriage / No one cares who you are."

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Before Belle reminds her rival she's the fairest of them all, asking and answering: "What's my name? Belle. What's it mean? Beauty." And things get really heated once she calls out Cinderella, saying she's a "gold-digging trophy wife, the royal baby maker," who "sets us back 50 years." And as the beat goes on, the girls' rhymes only get sharper.

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Avalon's snarky series debuted back in September 2014 with a battle between Frozen’s Elsa and Snow White, but we reckon Belle and Cinders have a slight edge over their predecessors. As for who wins the rap crown between the two—we'll let you decide. Though kudos goes to Cinderella for our favourite lyric of the battle: "Bibbidi bobbiidi boo-ya!" Genius.

To watch the Princess rap battle in full, click the image at the top.

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