By Meredith Lepore
Oct 29, 2015 @ 8:15 am

We've seen Sandra Bullock do so many things in her acting career: play an astronaut, fall in love with a guy in a coma, and be the world's best sports mom. But Wednesday night on The Tonight Show, we saw her go to new lengths in a skit. New arm lengths, actually.

Fallon asked the Our Brand Is Crisis star if she recalled the Canadian soap opera they were on together called Jacob's Patience. Bullock said she remembered it well and enjoyed it, but a sheepish Fallon pointed out that she was rather difficult to work with during those days. Bullock couldn't imagine why and he said it was because she refused to use her own arms on the show.

"At the time I was a hand model for Ring Pop so I had my arms insured," she argued. But Fallon said it didn't look very convincing when she used mannequin arms, and then the director made the rest of the cast use them as well. Bullock didn't think they looked fake. Fallon showed a "clip" from the soap to settle the argument once and for all. 

For the next few minutes the audience roared with laughter as Bullock tried making Fallon an ice cream sundae, complete with toppings and hot fudge sauce, using her fake mannequin arms. It was an absolute mess, but quite hilarious. It got even better when Bullock and her fellow ice cream workers sang Fallon the birthday song, all using their mannequin arms to clap in celebration. See for yourself in the show clip above.