By Joshua Lyon
Aug 07, 2015 @ 9:30 am

Of all the new games that The Tonight Show has debuted this season, "Pup Quiz" is paws down our favorite. If a contestant gets a trivia question right, they get a puppy. If they get it wrong, the other person gets one! Salma Hayek, who's currently promoting her animated film The Prophet, was the lucky celeb to introduce this match to the world on Thursday.

There was a slight controversy at the start as announcer Steve Higgins explained the rules while gently petting Gary, puppy No. 1, and holding all of the question cards. "He's licking at the answers," host Jimmy Fallon complained. 

Hayek won Gary in the first round by correctly guessing that a Basenji is the only breed of dog that doesn't bark. She also got to cuddle with Miss Mary Kennedy, puppy No. 2, when Fallon didn't know that a hump fish isn't a real thing. He made up for it though when Hayek lost the Double Puppy round and received two fur balls of his own (Kyle McAdams and Lisa Armstrong). The fifth whelp, Roger Blain, went to Hayek. Click the video above to find out who won Final Pupperdy and ended up with all five in his or her lap!