When you think of sharing some eggs with Ryan Reynolds, you probably don't envision smashing them on his head. But Jimmy Fallon took that very approach when the actor stopped by The Tonight Show on Monday and challenged him to a game of Egg Russian Roulette.

The new dad and Woman in Gold star got off to a strong start, picking a hard-boiled egg instead of a raw one, while Fallon was not so lucky. In fact, Reynolds kept the momentum going and managed to not get a single raw egg until they were pretty well into the game, and it would turn out to be the only raw egg the actor chose out of the dozen. When an excited Reynolds trumped Fallon, who pretty much picked nothing but raw eggs during their game, he exclaimed, "I've never won before!"

Watch Ryan Reynolds play Jimmy Fallon in a game of Tonight Show Egg Russian Roulette by clicking on the video above.