By Jonathan Borge
Jun 24, 2015 @ 5:15 pm

Despite how stylish Ryan Reynolds may look on and off the red carpet, there’s no denying that beneath any ensemble lies a ripped, sculpted body we'd all love to endlessly stare at. Even his wife Blake Lively has taken to Instagram to remind us just how chiseled the man is. And that’s exactly why this new clip from Reynold’s upcoming sci-fi thriller Selfless has left us pining for a closer look at the hunk.

In the teaser clip above, Reynolds swiftly strides past a team of basketball players to effortlessly make a scoring point. Unfortunately for us, he’s wearing a long-sleeved athletic shirt and sweatpants—but based on the movie's longer trailer (below), we can expect at least a couple shirtless moments. Aside from the actor's undeniable hotness, he seems to deliver one of his most exciting performances yet in the action-packed movie. The storyline chronicles the life of an older, wealthy man (Ben Kingsley) who undergoes a groundbreaking medical procedure that helps him battle cancer by transferring his consciousness into the body of a healthier young man (Reynolds). However, the quick fix reveals itself to have been a potentially deadly choice.

Catch Selfless, in theaters July 10.