By Meredith Lepore
Feb 19, 2016 @ 8:30 am

Deadpool may have broken multiple box office records and raked in $132.7 million in its opening weekend, but James Corden still felt the film was missing something. He decided to address this with the film's star, Ryan Reynolds, by urging him to provide Deadpool with a sidekick in a Late Late Show skit that aired Thursday night. And even though the actor thought it was a terrible idea, he allowed the host to run a few some ideas past him.

Corden started off the audition with The Iceman, for which he donned a silver bodysuit, and then dressed as a big strawberry to portray Strawberry Short Fuse. Next came a weird giant clam monster that doesn't do anything, Potato Man, ​Ravey Crockett, a character called The Magic Clown, a scary octopus-man. All of these were absolutely terrible, but then Reynolds came up with a brilliant idea: Deadpool doesn't need a sidekick, he just needs another Deadpool!

Watch the duo's roles in Double Deadpool in the video at top.