You already knew Ryan Reynolds was incredibly handsome, but did you know he could charm his way out of breaking the law? The actor went on The Graham Norton Show and confessed to once smuggling apple pies over the border for his wife, Blake Lively. But even though he’s a Hollywood star, getting past the law wasn’t that easy.

“My wife is a foodie. She loves these apple pies that they make at this place in Vancouver where I grew up, so we grabbed a bunch of them and we were driving back down to the States. We were crossing the border—you’re not allowed to cross the border with vegetables. It’s illegal,” he explained.

Because of Reynolds’s terrible lying face, the border agent knew something was up. “My voice always gets really high when I’m lying. He’s like, ‘You got anything, any sort of fruit, any vegetables in there?’ And I was like, ‘Nooooo. Noooooo.’ I go, ‘That’s crazy!’ And basically he just had me on the hook,” he said.

But instead of investigating, the agent decided to get a personal show from this A-list actor. “He looks at me and he goes, ‘Hey, you remember that movie you did? That movie Just Friends?” Reynolds said. “He was like, ‘You know that song at the end of it where you sing ‘I Swear’ by All-4-One?’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, yeah.’ And he’s like, ‘Yeah, yeah. Go ahead.’ Basically he was saying, ‘Dance, monkey.’”

So did the star take the bait? “I danced. Oh man, I sang that thing in the best falsetto I have, and I was on my way through the border, eating pie by the next stop.’”

Watch the full interview above, where Reynolds describes dropping his Canadian accent and his “terrible” fighting style, and fall even deeper in love.