Dec 03, 2015 @ 12:45 pm

Ryan Gosling's "hey girl" look can leave any fan feeling like a giddy school girl.

And in The Big Short star's newly released Saturday Night Live promos, Aidy Bryant does her best to hit on the actor, but it quickly turns into awkward flirting.

"Oh, weird, what does this card say? Ryan and Aidy kiss passionately for remainder of promo," Bryant jokes while reading tampered cue cards. "These damn writers. Well, I guess we gotta do it."

And when one attempt fails, try again.

"I am tired, I just wailed on my pecs," Gosling, 35, tells the SNL regular before she drops another pick-up line adding, "Oh, 'cause you've actually been running through my mind all damn day."

Gosling will host the Dec. 5 show with musical guest Leon Bridges.

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