By Joshua Lyon
May 13, 2015 @ 7:45 am

Rebel Wilson figured out a way to make The Tonight Show's Whisper Challenge even more entertaining: "What happens if we lose?" the Pitch Perfect 2 actress asked Jimmy Fallon before they played the game Wednesday night. "Do we have to take off a bit of clothing?"

While Fallon did excitedly reply, "Strip Whisper Challenge!" the duo launched straight into the usual form of the game, in which each person guesses the phrase that the other person is mouthing.

Wilson had a tough time trying to get "Deflated Balls," despite guessing consistently close phrases. "I'm still getting 'feel my balls,'" she said on her third attempt, before Fallon finally revealed the answer. He didn't fare much better on his turn with "Forklift Driver," and offered up phrases like "40 drivers," "fortified drivers," and "for lifts travelers."

Wilson brought the game home on Round 3 though, immediately guessing that Fallon was mouthing the name "Wiz Khalifa." The host should have had to remove his shirt for that one! Watch the game by clicking the video above.