By Meredith Lepore
Mar 04, 2016 @ 9:00 am

Don't ever challenge Priyanka Chopra to a wing-eating contest because she will beat you. Jimmy Fallon had to learn this the hard way on The Tonight Show on Thursday. The beautiful Quantico star explained to Fallon and the audience that when she attended high school in Queens, her favorite thing about New York City was all the wonderful cuisines, especially pizza, hot dogs, and chicken wings.

She noted that the first thing she did after landing from Miami, where she is filming the Baywatch movie, was "get a hot dog at a hot dog stand with everything on it."

"I love that you did that!" said Fallon. "But also you're a hot wing girl?"

"Oh, I love hot wings. Atomic Wings," she said.

"Oh I know Atomic Wings. Absolutely. Nuclear," he said.

"Yeah, nuclear. I'm Indian, it's all about the spice," she said with a smile.

But all the friendly food banter stopped when Chopra challenged Fallon to a wing-eating contest. "This is insane. No one challenges me on my show. I'm the good luck charm!" he said. Cue the table set-up with two plates of some very hot-looking Atomic Wings. "And I have Tabasco sauce just in case it's not enough and I have milk just in case it's too much," she said. "I'm not gonna need the milk," said Fallon. Whoa. Tough guy.

They then both put Tabasco sauce on their wings before starting. The challenge was who could ever eat the most wings in 20 seconds. And they were off! Though they both seemed to be in equal amounts of torture, Fallon only managed to do one while Chopra scarfed down three. "Who doesn't love this person right here?" said Fallon. Well, he was a good sport in the end.

Watch Chopra and Fallon duke it out in a hot wing eating contest in the clip above.