By Jonathan Borge
Mar 25, 2016 @ 2:15 pm

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’s Tituss Burger had fans erupting into laughter during the Netflix show's first season when his character, Titus Andromedon, filmed a music video to his song “Peeno Noir.” In the tune, he waxes poetic about how to live the good life while spouting off nonsensical-though-hilarious lyrics, like "Peeno Noir, caviar, Myanmar, midsize car, you don't have to be popu-lar ... Peeno Noir, smoke a cigar, revenge can be spectacu-lar."

Well, the folks over at fellow Netflix comedy Orange Is the New Black have taken note—and created their own parody of the wine-themed jam. In the video above, the ladies of Litchfield prison take the tune for a spin and dedicate it to a honey jar. Mixed in are lyrics that speak to the trying times they experience behind bars and the light-hearted skit shines a light on favorite Orange ladies like Danielle Brooks, Laverne Cox, and Dascha Polanco.

Watch the full video above and try not to crack a smile.