By Joshua Lyon
May 15, 2015 @ 10:30 am

James Corden never really wanted to be a talk-show host. “Ever since I've been a young boy, I’ve wanted to come here and run a dodgeball team,” he said on The Late Late Show last night.

His wish came true thanks to the lads from One Direction, aka Corden’s Angels. Decked out in skimpy red shirts and kneepads, the team endured grueling training sessions (at one point Coach Corden screamed, “Are you going to bleed for me now?”) in preparation for their battle against an all-female team, The Ball Busters.

“It definitely feels like the last five years of being in this band has all been preparation for this game,” said Harry Styles, right before they got totally creamed. Maybe they would have done better if Zayn Malik hadn't left the group? (The four remaining members did discuss Malik's departure while they were on Corden's couch.)

Click the video above to watch the hilarious massacre.