By Meredith Lepore
Nov 13, 2015 @ 9:30 am

James Corden was outnumbered on his show Thursday night but in a very good way. Not one, not two, but three beautiful, charming actresses chatted with him on The Late Late Show. So what did Olivia Wilde, Saoirse Ronan and Melissa Benoist talk about? Their first experiences living on their own—and they're not as glamorous as you would think.

For Ronan, who now lives in L.A., but first lived in London when she moved out of her parents' house, the realization that she was now an independent woman hit her rather suddenly. "I remember just sitting on my couch and thinking, 'I'm a bit hungry. I should go get some food' and then I realized there was no food in the kitchen. I've actually got to go get the food. I've got to pay for the food and cook it and make it and clean up after it. That was my reality shock," the star of the new film Brooklyn said.

Corden's tip? Just always order Chinese food.

As for Supergirl star Benoist, she had the opposite reaction of most kids when they finally get to leave their parents. "My mom and I had this sobbing saga on the corner of like 55th and 2nd Avenue. Legitimately like wailing together," she said.

Corden could relate. "I cried when I moved out too. I cried my eyes out in the car with the girlfriend i was moving in with. We did not stay together," he followed up with a laugh.

Wilde said her experience was also rough when she moved into a little surf shack in Santa Monica (even though Corden said that was the coolest thing ever).

"I'd been in the Northeast, in Massachusetts, in a boarding school and suddenly I was living in L.A. and I just overly impressed by everything Californian. Like, palm trees. Every palm tree was like, 'Gotta get a picture of that [mimics snapping a photo]—there's another one!'"

Well, it seems like they all figured it out eventually, even Corden.