By Meredith Lepore
Oct 13, 2015 @ 11:00 am

Olivia Wilde managed to show off both her acting and athletic skills on Monday's Late Night with Seth Meyers. The actress, who stars in the upcoming film Meadowland, accepted Meyers's Actathalon Challenge in which participants have to sprint between different acting scenes, like getting devastating news from a doctor and screaming "Why?!," yelling at themselves in a mirror, objecting in a courtroom, lying at a press junket for a terrible film, and then throwing wine in a jerk's face (who just so happened to be Meyers).

Always the pro, Wilde had her game face on as she came out in her track pants and hoodie looking like a boxer warming up. When asked how she prepared for this feat, Wilde said, "Well, first off I only ate bean skins and water for a year. I physically transformed into Winston Churchill and then I transformed back, and I took an improv class and I'm excited."

"She's committed," Meyers noted.

Wilde was excellent in her 10 different scenes and received a perfect 10 from each judge, though as she started her acceptance speech Meyers quickly (and hilariously) cut her off. Watch Wilde nail the Actathalon in the video above!