By Joshua Lyon
Jul 31, 2015 @ 9:15 am

You’d think that with a title like “Name That Thing,” the Jimmy Kimmel Live! game would be pretty simple. The rules certainly are, but the host managed to dig up some pretty random objects to stump Nicole Richie and Jason Bateman on the show Thursday night.

The contestants had 10 seconds to name whatever item Jimmy Kimmel presented to them. First up was something that looked like a glass vase with a long thin tube coming out of one side, and it was partially filled with red liquid. From the get-go, Richie proved that she had no shame in cheating as she blatently peered over the divider to see what Bateman was writing. Not that it helped. The Gift actor guessed “liquor dispenser” which she translated to “liquor glass surprise.” Neither got it right though—it was a barometer!

After suggesting that Bateman hide his answers from the Candidly Nicole star, Kimmel brought out a pair of castanets (the little hand clickers used in many Italian and Spanish songs). The duo didn’t fare any better with those, nor were they able to guess what a theremin was, despite Kimmel realizing too late that the name of the instrument was written right on the front of the alien-sounding apparatus.

By this point Kimmel was openly teasing them. “This is going poorly,” he said, and when Bateman asked if there was a prize for low score the host replied, “You don’t even have a score to have a low score!” Click the video above to find out who won by being able to name the most dinosaurs in thirty seconds!