By Aly Semigran
Jan 07, 2015 @ 8:46 am

If you read that headline and found yourself asking, "Wait, what do you mean Nicole Kidman could have dated Jimmy Fallon?" then you're not alone. The Tonight Show host was himself the same question (but for very different reasons) when the actress stopped by his show on Tuesday night.

Kidman and Fallon recalled the first time they met for an impromptu meeting at his apartment set up by a mutual friend, but the two stars had very different recollections of the event. While Fallon remembered nothing more than a panicked frenzy to play host and discuss a possible movie role, the then-single Kidman thought their hangout could be, well, something else. "I just remembered I liked you and he was like, 'Not now'," Kidman told a stunned Fallon.

"Did we go on a date?" the flustered host asked the Paddington star. Kidman assured him it was no date, and that Fallon acted aloof ("You didn't talk at all"), provided terrible food, and even put on a video game ("It was bad!") when she was over. "After an hour and a half I thought, 'He has no interest, this is so embarrassing.'" Of course, no one was more embarrassed by this news than Fallon himself.

Click on the video at top to watch the entire hilarious, adorably awkward chat—see if you agree that the pair simply "weren't meant to be" (and that Kidman made the right choice in ending up with Keith Urban).

Kidman, being ever the good sport, even played Box of Lies during her Tonight Show visit: