By Jennifer Davis
Jul 09, 2015 @ 2:00 pm

Always released another video as part of their #LikeAGirl campaign this week, and it may bring you to tears.

In the same vein as the brand's first video, which tackled the harmful affects of the phrase "like a girl," this iteration tries to rewrite what it means to be young woman today. It opens with the video's director, award-winning documentarian Lauren Greenfield who was also behind the first viral video, asking girls of all ages if they've ever been told that they shouldn't do something becuase they're a girl.

As you might expect, they all answer yes. In fact, according to a stat in the video, 72 percent of girls feel that society limits them. From there, Greenfield has them write down what makes them feel limited on cardboard boxes and then knock them down. Talk about girl power!

Watch the moving video above and get inspired to break down antiquated gender norms in your own life.