Every actor gets his or her start somewhere and often times it's with a slightly embarassing commercial. Oscar nominee Naomi Watts is no exception. On Jimmy Kimmel Live! Monday the show's host asked about the Allegiant actress launching her career in her native Australia and then informed her that they found a very old commercial in which she starred. "I've got quite a few," she said while laughing. "I can only imagine."

This particular commercial was for Tom's Meats, apparently not a big meat company even in Australia, and in the spot Watts picks up a phone to learn that she won a dinner date with Tom Cruise in a radio contest. However, she decides to turns it down. Why? She already has plans: Her mom is cooking a lamb roast from Tom's Meats. "You can go out with him any night," her father dad in the commercial agrees. That must have been some roast!

"I think I was a vegetarian at the time. It makes no sense," Watts told Jimmy Kimmel. And apparently Cruise is actually aware of the funny commercial (Watts's friend Nicole Kidman was married to him for more than a decade). "Does he know about this?" asked Kimmel. "He does," she revealed.

Watch a young Watts in the commercial in the video at top.