One day before David Letterman’s last show ever, Bill Murray showed up for the 44th time to bid the host adieu, and it was quite an evening of entertainment. 

Murray has been with Letterman from the very start, appearing as the first guest on both Late Night in 1982 and again when Letterman started on Late Show in 1993. So it’s only fitting that the beloved kickball game crasher would help send him off. After smearing Letterman in cake, the host treated the world to a montage of some of Murray’s greatest moments on the show: spray-painting Dave’s name on his desk, dumpster diving, riding a mechanical bull, flying through the air dressed as Peter Pan, and showing up in full Liberace drag are just a few of the highlights. Click the video above to watch the full reel, and be sure to tune in tonight and watch Letterman’s final show.