A mini SNL reunion took place on The Tonight Show Tuesday, when Molly Shannon stopped by to sing a round of Nonsense Karaoke with host Jimmy Fallon. (Something tells us this is also just how they would perform normal karaoke if they went out to a bar.) Denis Leary, wearing a Ziggy-Stardust-meets-Elvis outfit, took the microphone as well.

Shannon kicked things off with "Waterfalls" by TLC, but the chorus didn't quite nail the wise message of the original: "Don't throw Jason's Barbie dolls / Grammy gets the shivers after Kung-Fu / I throw back on Thursday with a picture of my Hammer pants / Then I wink at Gonzo's blue ass."

Def Leppard's seminal anthem "Pour Some Sugar on Me" got translated to "Ask Your Sister for Peas" by Leary, before all three teamed up for Ed Sheeran's "Thinking Out Loud," aka "I'm Dealing Sauerkraut." Click the video above to watch them joyfully butcher the hits.