It got a little heated last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live! when Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog stopped by. In case you haven't heard, the famous couple is on the outs. What makes it even tougher is their new TV show, The Muppets, premieres tonight on ABC. But ever the professionalsafter all, they've been in show business since the 1970sthey stood by their commitment and showed up for their first post-split interview. 

As for what broke up "the most prominent interspecies couple in the world," it seemed to be some of Kermit's hygiene practices (he bathes in the sink while washing dishes since he's, you know, a frog). It also doesn't help that Kermit has moved on to a new pig, Denise, whom he said was "old enough." Ouch! But don't worry too much about Miss Piggy. She revealed that she is in talks with the producers of The Bachelorette and this breakup only gets her more attention. "I'm like the Donald Trump of love. Anything I do is huuuuuuge!" Plus Kimmel and his team set her up with her very own Tinder profile. 

The Muppets which is actually a show within a show as it focuses on the behind the scenes lives of the Muppets who are making a talk show starring Miss Piggy. The famous swine told Kimmel, "I basically do whatever it is you do only better and in high heels!" Even Kermit got a kick out of that one. "When she hits it she hits it," he said with a smile. 

The Muppets premieres tonight on ABC at 8 p.m. ET and guest stars this season include Elizabeth Banks, Liam Hemsworth, and Reese Witherspoon. Watch their interview by clicking on the image above.