By Olivia Bahou
Apr 01, 2016 @ 1:15 pm

Stop everything, because a new trailer for The Mindy Project here, and it looks like that breakup is more permanent than we thought. In the last episode before a mid-season hiatus, Mindy seems to be leaving Danny, visiting her old apartment in the middle of the night and measuring the space for a crib.

While their relationship was under pressure—Danny wants Mindy to focus on being a mom while Mindy isn’t ready to give up her career—we weren’t sure that this breakup was for real. But in this new promo for the return of season 4, the separation is looking permanent.

In the video, Mindy babyproofs her apartment, wrapping bubble wrap around the spiral staircase, and getting rid of candles and breakables, before picking up baby Leo and showing him his expertly-decorated new nursery (which looks suspiciously like her old walk-in closet).

Before you get too worked up, Mindy Kaling might have given us a hint of the couple's future through her Instagram account. In a photo from last week, the actress cozies up to Chris Messina on set, and an engagement ring is visible on her left hand.

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Watch the trailer above to see for yourself as we wait with bated breath for season 4 to return to Hulu on April 12.